A Bit About Me

Katy Did What

So about me… I’m Katy, 30 something, producer, blogger, one time stylist, coeliac and over-thinker who’s battling shyness. Starting this blog has been something I’ve thought about for a long time, I’ve always loved writing and telling my stories but sometimes building the confidence to put yourself out there is the hardest part. For several years now I’ve had a gluten and dairy free food blog (katycookedwhat.com check it out if you want) but now I want to talk about more than just food.     

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A Bit More About Me…

My 30’s have been the unexpected. I had a good job as a radio producer which I left, deciding I needed to do something else. I did the whole taking time out to ‘find myself’ but it turns out it’s quite an expensive process!  So I became a fashion stylist, worked in Paris, came back to Scotland and then moved to London to work in production. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but it was an experience and it’s given me a lifetime of memories. 

I wise man once said to me as long ‘as you’re happy that’s the main thing in life as long as you’re happy’. These are words I decided to follow and now I’m lucky enough to do a job I’m passionate about, passing on what knowledge I have to young creatives who want to work in the world of media.

With me, there’s always a something happening… funny, random or just feeling anxious and wondering about where life is headed. Being in your 30’s doesn’t always mean your life is sorted.